Hello everybody!

My name is Mike McCafferty and once upon a time I was on a pretty cool show called “The Invisible Man”. The show was doing well, getting great reviews and good ratings. Then 9/11 and bickering network presidents killed it before it’s prime. But you know all this.

5 years later, most have moved on. But there are still enough people who remember that this was a show that meant something to them, and so they hold on. They hold on to a faint dream that someday these characters on a tv show at the turn of the millennium would return and entertain an enthrall at least once more.

I’m one of those folks.

So is Amanda, who took an idle conversation we had two years ago about how the fans need to take the reins and make something happen, and then proceeded to do just that. That’s why this site is here.

There are others. There is you, who is reading this blog not because you are required, but because you choose. If you’ve made it this far, for this long, you believe that this dream can happen too.

It ain’t gonna be easy. The last 5 years has buried the dream in a thick layer of intellectual property rights, shifting networks and general apathy. No one wants to help us, in fact they’d rather we fail to save them the hassle. They want you to watch what they tell you to watch and don’t cause a fuss. After all, they know better, don’t they.

Actually, they don’t. The fact is that the industry is changing a light speed…literally. There’s a lot of chaos going on and if you need proof, see how much a company called YouTube sold for recently. It’s no longer a world where a few dictate entertainment to the many, rather, the many create content, and a few or many watch, listen or read it. It’s a brave new world, and the rules don’t exist yet.

So I say we make some new rules, possibly by breaking old ones. Let’s take some baby steps then start to sprint. The dream is of course to have an I-man movie, but it can also be so much more. A group of like minded people can do almost anything, all it takes is a dream, the will to do it and a place to meet to talk about it. I think we’re in pretty good shape.

So drop by here now and then and I’ll do the same. I’ve given Amanda license to show anything I do here if that drives people here. If you make something that you think helps the cause, maybe it belongs here too. Maybe you can just tell a friend, maybe you can mention it in your own blog. Maybe you can just believe for a little while longer, just enough for us to get on our feet. Whatever you can do, it will help.

For now, we baby step. Soon, we shoom.

Thanks, and see you soon,
Mike McCafferty

2 thoughts on “Hello everybody!

  1. Oh, my god, I LOVE the Invisible Man!
    And I love you, Mike!!! Well, not in that creepy stalker way. You have a private life and I respect that.
    You remind me of the gentleman, Timothy McGee, from NCIS. Must be the mannerism.
    Just a question, and it might be a long shot, but have any of you tried an Australian network? I know for a fact that the owner of Channel Nine (Kerry Packer, who sadly passed away) was a HUGE fan of I-Man, but the competing channel (Ten) wouldn’t sell the rights.
    It’s a long shot, but it might surprise you.
    I keep my part by writing I-man Fanfiction (friends only as I don’t like posting my stuff on-line, had too many people plagerise me.) Have actually converted more than 8 people to this wonderful series, but cannot get the damn DVD into Australia!!! *Sighs*
    Anyway, good luck for the future! And if you wanna contact me for a chat or an AVO then just take my e-mail!


    Catherine A. Drayton, Australia

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