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Yesterday I was fiddling around with the home page and decided that while it looked okay, it needed some kind of caption or blurb that would help grab the attention of visitors.  Something that would make them say, “Hey, that looks interesting!  I think I’ll check it out.”  So I wrote a short one-sentence blurb.  But as I read it again, it seems a bit run on to me.  I understand what I’m trying to say, but do you?  Anybody have a better suggestion?  Or do you think it’s fine the way it is?

Also, if you scroll down the page a bit, you’ll see a blue box with the “Thought for the day.”  (I also put it up on the MySpace page.)  The thought changes daily (except for Sundays); and clicking on the box will take you to one of my favorite websites, The Daily Motivator, where you can read the entire message.  The box doesn’t exactly match the color scheme, but who cares?  We all could use a little support, inspiration, and motivation as we pursue our goals and dreams, so I thought I’d share this great little site with all of you. 

10 thoughts on “Home Page Updated

  1. Ooh! A writing question! *English teacher perks up*

    Yes, it’s wordy, and I will take a look at it. However, I am currently not on my computer, and am forced to look at it in IE 7.0, and it looks all messed up. The Daily Meditation is overlaid on the blurb, so I can’t read it all. I will get to a computer with Firefox as soon as possible.

  2. I appreciate you taking a look at it, Laura. Handy having an English teacher here!

    It’s messed up with IE 7.0? Darn. It looked fine when I looked at it in IE 6.0, Firefox, and Netscape. I may have to play with it some more.

    Does the home page looked messed up for anybody else?

  3. Okay, thanks for letting me know, Jason. I changed the font color to white. Is that easier to read?

  4. Sorry to take so long–I just got back to this. The somewhat boring but less wordy version is

    “Follow a fan-turned-producer as she reunites her favorite cast for a full-length feature film.”

    I would still like to keep working on it and punch it up a bit.

  5. Yes, I like that better. I went ahead and changed it on the home page, but feel free to keep working on it in your spare time. I appreciate the help!

  6. Wow! So many F’s! 😀

    I just re-read my first response, and it sounded a little imperious. Sorry. I just got excited about possibly helping.

    I’m liking the way the home page looks, too!

  7. I didn’t take your response as imperious at all. I think it’s great that you were willing to jump in and give me a hand. Thank you!

  8. Hey! the Homepage looks great to me!
    just one minor thing, with the writing “Follow a fan-turned-producer as she reunites her favorite cast for a full-length feature film.” I think you should move it to the right a little more, to the darker area, so it’s just more readable!
    🙂 though, it looks good!

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