Oh Where, Oh Where Have Our DVDs Gone? Oh Where, Oh Where Can They Be?

Credit for this topic goes to Laura, who made the suggestion that I talk about I-Man DVDs.  Thanks, Laura! 

The subject of I-Man DVDs has been a source of frustration to I-Man fans for a long time, especially if you live in the U.S. or Canada, because, as you most likely already know, as of this date, no DVDs have been made for Region 1 (U.S. and Canada).  And since it isn’t currently airing in the U.S. or Canada that makes it tough for people who have never seen the show to get familiar with it.  Just the other day I had a meeting with a local director at a coffee shop.  He knows what project I’m working on, was curious about The Invisible Man, and wanted to check the show out.  I had to explain to him, just as I explain to everyone else who asks, that not only is the show not currently airing, but, also, no DVDs exist for it in this country.  You can bet that I would have loved to tell him that he could run down to the local Suncoast or Wal-Mart and pick up season one and two of this cool little show, but, alas, I couldn’t.  Frustrating indeed. 

Will we ever get I-Man DVDs here in the U.S. and Canada?  Well, that’s anybody’s guess.  As of this date, I haven’t heard any news that suggests that we will see them any time in the near future. 

Back when Ian Atkins was working on the U.K. DVDs, the foreign video distribution rights were owned by a South American company called America Video Films.  While I haven’t looked into it, it’s possible that the company still owns those rights.  The fact that they advertise I-Man on their site leads me to think that is a strong possibility.  If you go to their website (http://americavideofilms.com/) and do a search for “invisible man” by title, you’ll find a blurb written about the show as well as a trailer that you can watch.  The trailer emphasizes the drama and angst, but leaves out the humor, giving viewers a rather lopsided impression of the tone of the show, but it’s still fun to watch.

I gotta tell you that if I wasn’t tied up with this movie project right now, I’d love to take on trying to get I-Man DVDs produced in this country.  But maybe some other enterprising fan will take on the project the way Ian Atkins did in the U.K.

There is so much more to cover on this subject, but I’m going to save that for future posts.  Stay tuned because I’ll be talking about which countries have DVDs and where they can be ordered, after all, this site is visited by readers from around the world.  I’ll, also, explain regions for those of you not familiar with them, and identify some region-free DVD players. 

If anybody has any info on I-Man DVDs that they want to share with everyone else, please drop me a line so that I can include it in future posts.