Urgent: The Sci Fi “Invisible Man” Forum Needs Your Vote!

Do you remember the great little board forum that The Invisible Man had at SciFi.com?  Remember how we grumbled and complained when Sci Fi deleted it?  Well, the I-Man forum has a chance to come back to the Sci Fi board, but it needs your vote!

Sci Fi is holding a poll right now to give fans a chance to vote if they want their favorite shows’ forums restored to the bulletin board.  As of this posting, Invisible Man has 11 votes, and according to Sci Fi, all a show needs is 10 votes, so technically we should see our old forum restored to the site in the near future.  Yay! 

So why am I asking you to go vote?  Well, because I’d love to send a message to Sci Fi that the I-Man audience is still here and still supporting their show.  I, for one, would love to see I-Man reruns back on TV and this could be a way to send Sci Fi executives that message (not to mention that reruns would help the movie project).  I think we can do a heck of a lot better than 11 votes. 

The poll is open until January 31, 2007, so there is very little time.  Please vote and spread the word to everyone you know and get them to vote.

To vote go to the SciFi.com forums and scroll down and click on the General Discussion section.  Then click on the New forums for old favorites topic near the top of the list to vote for The Invisible Man.  You must be signed in to vote.

Thank you for your help.

10 thoughts on “Urgent: The Sci Fi “Invisible Man” Forum Needs Your Vote!

  1. Wow! Thanks for letting us know. I haven’t been to that site in a LONG time, so I had no idea.

    I just voted, and I-Man is now up to 21 votes.

  2. I cross-posted this info into all my IMAN egroups. I am on my way over to Scifi.com now to vote. I will be getting out a newsletter tonight to the fan club, and will put this in there also.

    Thanks for letting me know!


  3. Done! Thanks for giving us the info, as I wouldn’t have known about it without your heads up!

  4. We’re up to 40 now. Thanks for your votes everyone! We’ve got three days left to stack up those votes!

  5. Aw man… If only I had joined and known about this earlier, I totally would have voted!

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