Invisible Man Fun Facts: The Keeper

Here are a few little known facts about The Keeper that you might find interesting.

  • Claire’s name was originally supposed to be Kyle.  Yes, Kyle.  I kid you not.  Somewhere along the way it was changed to Claire.
  • The Keeper is an expert in Animal Defense Mechanisms and is a D.V.M.  Makes sense since she had all those animals in her lab.
  • Claire is also a M.D., a specialist in neurotoxicology and cellular biology, among other things. 
  • Matt Greenberg established from the beginning of the series that The Keeper knew Darien’s brother, Kevin, well (even though we didn’t find out until the episode Brother’s Keeper).  In fact, Matt had intended that Darien would eventually find out about the relationship between Kevin and The Keeper. 

Did you learn something new?  Well, stay tuned and I’ll share more Invisible Man Fun Facts in future posts.

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