Mike and Jason on VH1 Tonight!

This is cutting it very close for those of you who are on the east coast, but I just got home from work so I’m just now able to post this.  I got emails today from both Mike McCafferty and Jason Makiaris.  Though they didn’t specify, I’m going to make the assumption that they want me to pass this on to all of you.  In the interest of saving time, which is very short, I’m just going to copy and paste each of their emails below.

Hope you can watch and vote!

From Mike:

Hey all,

A double dose of me tonight, 10pm on VH1’s Department of Acceptable Media show.  DAM is an offshoot of Channel 101 where short films compete to return the following week.

First I am in a skit where I play…well, I play a rapist (start jokes..now).  It’s actually a funny show called Circue du Soliel: SVU so it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Second, I co-wrote a show called “l33t Haxxors” that won their weekly online contest and will be screened on the show tonight.  It’s about 2 Elite Hackers who get in serious trouble.  Evidentially, VH1 liked it so much that they asked us to shoot a second episode, which will be in competition on www.acceptable.tv.  So after the show, log on to the website and vote for “l33t Haxxors 2”! 

If you can’t wait to see “l33t” you can see it here,



From Jason:

Hey Everybody,

Just a quick note to let you all know that a show that Mike McCafferty, Ben Pluimer and I have put together is airing tonight on VH1.  Acceptable TV is on at 10pm Eastern and Pacific (check your local listings to be sure).

Many of you know that I’ve been involved with something called Channel 101 for years now. With the help of executive producer Jack Black and
Channel 101 co-creators Dan Harmon/Rob Schrab, 101 has now branched off into a TV show called Acceptable TV which premiered last week. The same principles apply. If you like one of the mini-shows, vote for it and it returns the next week.

Our show tonight is called “L33t Haxxors”. Ben Pluimer wrote it with Mike, I shot it and wrote the music. We’ve already shot episode two
(which Mike and I appear in), and we could use your help next week to get it back in the show. I’ll send another e-mail next week letting you
know how you can vote to keep us in.

You can see more about Acceptable TV and our show at http://www.acceptable.tv/

You can see our other videos on our YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/shipoffoolsprod

Hope everyone is doing great!


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