Follow Up to “Drive”

So Paul Ben-Victor’s performance last night in Drive reminded me a lot of Bobby Hobbes…a lot of the same mannerisms.  Anybody else see that? 

I love that Greg Yaitanes twittered a shout out to The Invisible Man when he wrote, “the truck driver is played by Paul Ben Victor who played VINTAGE Bobby Hobbes on the Invisible Man. Which I directed.”  He could have just as easily named another role that Paul is known for, but he chose I-Man.  Yes! 

If you missed Paul’s performance last night, no problem, you can watch it right now on Drive’s MySpace page!  The name of the episode is “Partners.”  I just love that networks are starting to stream TV shows on the Web.

1 thought on “Follow Up to “Drive”

  1. I watched it on the website. He was so great! I totally forgot which episode he was in, so I watched them all. It’s actully a pretty good show from what I saw, unlike what my friend said about it… I like it!

    I hope he gets to be in another episode maybe. The set up at the end seems to imply it.

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