Mike is a Cartoon Character!

I just got home from work and to my delight found the following email from Mike McCafferty in my inbox.  I’m passing it on to all of you.  Hope you can watch! 

Hello all.

So tonight at 10pm on VH1, catch “Acceptable TV”.  It’s a sketch show meets “American Idol” series where the top two sketches each week return for a new episode the following week.

I’ll be voicing the character of Agent Pedone in this week’s animated “Mr. Sprinkles” sketch.  Already on it’s 6th episode, Mr. Sprinkles is a deranged “Cat in the Hat” character who ends up accidentally killing those he tries to entertain during rainy days.  Sentenced to prison, Mr.
Sprinkles learns the harsh truths of an adult world.

Sounds hilarious, huh?!!

If you miss it for any reason, it’ll be available starting tonight on http://acceptable.tv/.  This character will be around probably until the end of the season, but this is my first animated work so I’m a little excited (I’ll spare you the obvious pun).

As a bonus, you may also see “l33t Haxxors: Episode 3” on the show.  This is a show I co-wrote and directed and if it got enough votes last week, we’ll see it tonight.  The series already has over 200,000 online views, which is a good thing.  Check out the series at www.l33thaxxors.com.

Many thanks,