Paul Gets a Role as a Series Regular

From the I-Maniacs Fan Club come this exciting news about Paul Ben-Victor:

I just heard from Paul Ben Victor, and he wanted to make sure that all his fans know that he will be in the new HBO show “John From Cincinnnati” that will be premiering this Sunday after The Sopranos.  Paul joined the show in the 3rd episode and will become a regular.  Woo hoo!  He says that it is quite different but very entertaining.

Also, he is going to start a My Space Page as well so he can keep everyone in touch.  He will send me the link when he gets it started, and I will put that information in a future newsletter.

Thanks go to Laura for sharing the info that Paul’s character is named Palaka and that the episode that Paul first appears in is scheduled for this Sunday, June 24.  You’ll want to check the show’s schedule for the time in your area by going to the Official John from Cincinnati Website and clicking on “Full Schedule.”  Also, while you’re perusing the schedule, you might want to check for the days and times of Making John from Cincinnati.  I’m a total sucker for those behind-the-scenes shows. 

Courtesy of, here are a couple of pictures of Paul in his role of Palaka in John from Cincinnati

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  1. Great pictures! It looks like an interesting series, but what’s with that one guy’s hair? It looks oddly familiar…

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