Mike on “American Body Shop” Tonight

I meant to get this blog out a few days ago to give everyone enough of a heads up, but life has been insanely busy lately and, yeah, I’m behind on my blogging.  I apologize to those of you on digest who won’t see this until tomorrow.

Anyhoo, Mike McCafferty has a guest role tonight on Comedy Central’s new show American Body Shop, which is scheduled to air at 10:30 p.m. Pacific/9:30 p.m. Central.  Be sure to check your local listings for the time and channel in your area. 

Originally, Mike had tried out for a series regular role on the show, but it turned into a guest role instead.  You can read all about the highs and lows of the audition process for this show from the man himself in this post from his MySpace blog

He may not have landed a series regular role, but he did get his own action figure.  This doll (oops…I mean action figure) cracks me up.  Check out the following picture. 

American Body Shop Action Figure

You can get a sneak peak of Mike in his role as Mansfield in the trailer entitled Peak Under the Hood on the American Body Shop home page

In related news, the story of how Sam Greene, the show’s creator, sold his show idea to Comedy Central is a fascinating one.  It’s a story of how sheer tenacity is often needed to make it in Hollywood. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Greene, who had spent 20 years writing spec material for film and TV but never sold a project…decided to shoot his own pilot, stick it in an envelope and mail it directly to the network powers-that-be.”  He was ready to give up when one day he got a call telling him “that Comedy Central wanted to develop his project.”  You can read the rest of his story at the Hollywood Reporter website.

In another somewhat related story, it would be easy to assume that all working network writers in Hollywood would automatically be members of the WGA (Writers Guild of America) with all the rights and protection such a membership afforded them, right?  Wrong.  Writers on several Comedy Central shows, which includes American Body Shop, have only recently reached an agreement with the network for WGA contracts.  You can read more about this at Variety.com

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  1. How cool is that to have your own action figure! With the crutches, etc., this is more like the after action figure, but still cool, nonetheless.

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