Universal to Make “Invisible Man” Movie

If you haven’t heard about this yet, don’t get too excited.  This is not our Invisible Man.  Instead, this will be a sequel to H.G. Wells’ original story that focuses on the British nephew of the original Invisible Man.  The story is to be set during World War II.  David Goyer will write and direct the film.

Well, I don’t think I need to tell you that I think Universal totally missed the boat on this one.  They own the rights to our Invisible Man and yet they choose to ignore it and make a film that is a sequel of the original.  What a shame.

Variety:  Goyer eyes U’s new ‘Invisible’ film

Cinematical:  David Goyer Will Write and Direct ‘The Invisible Man’

3 thoughts on “Universal to Make “Invisible Man” Movie

  1. H.G. Wells’ story is so compelling, it has been adapted many times, and will doubtless continue to be adapted as Hollywood feeds on past successes. Let’s just hope they realize what success they are missing out on by bypassing our I-Man.

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