Another Invisible Man Series?

Well, it looks like Fox is considering a new Invisible Man series.  The drama, entitled Invisible, “tells the story of a criminal at rock bottom who is given a second chance at life when a chemical compound makes him invisible.”  Hmm…now doesn’t that sound vagely similiar to a certain show we all know and love?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the project has “landed at Fox with a script commitment.”  What this means is that Fox has asked for a pilot script to be developed.  Now that doesn’t guarantee that the pilot will actually get made.  Networks can have anywhere from 100 to 150 pilot scripts ordered each season.  From those, only about 20 to 30 pilots will actually be produced.  And from those, only a handful get picked up.  It depends on how many slots they need to fill in their schedule.  So this series is far from being a sure thing at this point.  Time will tell if we see another Invisible Man series on our TV screens.

Frankly, I think it’s a risky move for any network to put an Invisible Man story on air.  Invisibility stories have been notorious for being flops.  Anybody remember The Invisible Man with David McCallum?  Or Gemini Man with Ben Murphy?  The problem with invisibility is that film is a visual medium and invisibility is…well, not visual.

Now our Invisible Man was the rare show that did it right.  That’s because invisibility wasn’t the main focus of the show.  Sure, it was very cleverly done and there were a bunch of cool invisibility tricks and all.  But the focus was more on the characters and relationships.  There was humor, there was drama, there was action.  Heck, there’s way too much to list that the show did right.  But all the elements came together to create a show that could have had a much larger audience if it was given half a chance.

Personally, I’m with Tony Whitt of If Magazine who wrote:  “No, it’s not the SCI FI Channel show that aired some years back that’s returning to our screens – though wouldn’t it rock if it did?”

2 thoughts on “Another Invisible Man Series?

  1. I hope to God that this so-called new show does not make it onto TV. It will be a total and complete rip-off of OUR beloved Invisible Man show. Fox should buy up the rights to this show and put it back on the air. These actors and actresses on this show have what it takes for a Fox show. Again, I hope that it does not get produced.

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