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Group ThinkingThis is a request to all you I-Man fans out there.  I’m doing a research project and I need to pick your collective brains.  I’m looking for the titles of movies that are similar to The Invisible Man in terms of genre, style, and/or tone.

To be even more specific, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have been released within the last five years.
  • Must be a movie, not a TV show.
  • Can be a theatrical release, a TV movie, or a straight-to-DVD movie.
  • Must have been released in the U.S., but can also have been released in other countries.

This isn’t a frivolous request.  I’m doing this research for the film project and I can’t think of anyone better to ask than my fellow I-Man fans.  After all, you are the ones who know and love the show.  I need as many similar movies as you can think of, so if you can please put on your thinking caps and help me out, I would be very grateful.  The more, the better.  If you want to explain why you think a movie is similar to I-Man, I would be very interested in hearing that, but it isn’t necessary.  Don’t worry if you’re listing some of the same movies as someone/everyone else.  It’s actually very helpful to me to see which movies you agree upon.  

Please reply here in the comments section.  If you’re reading this from the mailing list, remember that the mailing list is read-only, so please don’t hit reply to the email.  Instead, just hit the direct link at the bottom of the email to get to the blog.

Your help is very much appreciated!  I hope to hear from you!

23 thoughts on “I Need Your Brains

  1. There was a show called “The Chronicle” that I think was kinda similar in tone at least. well, I can’t remember when it was released exactly, but it was on at the same time as I-Man, so I thought it would work. It was also on Sci-Fi, and only lasted 1 season, but I think it was similar in that it didn’t take itself too seriously, which is something I miss in a lot of shows. I think Mike was in an episode once…

    If I think of more I’ll post ’em.

  2. I remember The Chronicle. That was a TV show, though, and I’m looking for only movies. Can you think of any?

  3. Well if definitely don’t fall into the category of 5 years ago, but how can we forget “Hollow Man”?

    and if the 5 year limitation can not be broken but yet bent slightly then allow me to mention the Direct to DVD release of “Hollow Man 2”
    hope that helps a bit.

  4. Okay, Hollow Man 2 definitely works since it was released in 2006 on video. Funny I could only find the video rental gross amount. I’d like to find the sales gross for the film.

    Thanks, Ed!

  5. Keep them coming, folks. I need a big selection of movies to compare for my research. Think more in terms of genre than anything else. Remember, I’m looking for similar movies, not movies that are exact matches. Because, frankly, I don’t think there are any out there that match I-Man exactly in terms of genre, style, and tone. So I need movies that are close.

  6. Okay, it occured to me that super-hero type movies would be a good match. I just looked up the last two Spider Man movies. What else has been released in the last five years?

  7. I was about to suggest the Spidey movies. (But don’t get me started on how much Spider-man 3 sucked.)

    The five year restriction makes this request a tough one. The only other ones I’ve thought of are Shaun of the Dead (2004) and V for Vendetta (2005).

  8. Two more:

    The Tuxedo (2002 — hopefully six years old is close enough)

    Primer (2004)

    I haven’t seen “Primer”, but I think it’s the right genra. FWIW William Martell highly recommends it.

  9. I haven’t seen Spidey 3 yet, so I really don’t have an opinion about that one. But liking a movie isn’t a requirement for my research. 😉

    The reason for the five-year restriction is because the budget and sales figures of movies made before that are too old to do me any good.

    Shaun of the Dead and V for Vendetta are good suggestions. Thanks!

  10. Well, The Tuxedo is too old for me to use, but Primer will definitely work. I haven’t seen Primer yet, but I do own the DVD. I bought it because someone highly recommended it to me. I really should make myself sit down and watch it.

  11. What about Catch Me If You Can? No scifi elements per se, but it has an antihero protagonist who reforms to help society, and lots of sly humor. Although it was released Dec. 25, 2002, I just realized, and that makes it just one month over 5 years..

  12. Please insert a comma after “society” in my last post.

    Done. Wouldn’t want you to be commaless. Is that a word?

  13. Catch Me If You Can would have been a good match, but it does just miss the five-year mark.

  14. Well, there are the X-Men movies. I completely forgot about them. there are 3 now, although I’m not sure on the dates.

  15. I’m searching netflix as I type this.

    Ghost Rider (2007)
    Ultraviolet (2006)
    Fantastic Four (2005)
    Fantastic Four 2 (2007)
    The Brothers Grimm (2005)

    Just searching through the SciFi/Fantasy section. Hope it helps!

  16. Well, there are the X-Men movies. I completely forgot about them. there are 3 now, although I’m not sure on the dates.

    Good one. The first movie is too old, but I can definitely use the last two.

  17. Searching Netflix is a great idea, Jen. Those are all good comparison movies. Thanks!

  18. defiantly Hollow Man! 🙂
    I can’t seem to think of any at the moment., sadly. All i can think of is.. I-Man! 😀 heehe… I’ll have to get back to you

  19. Okay, I’m trying to finish up my research today, so if you think of anything else, let me know. Thanks!

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