More “Invisible Man” DVD News

I think a lot of you I-Man fans have probably already seen this, but if not, here’s a peak at the menus from the upcoming Invisible Man Season One DVDs.

Menu 1

Menu 2

Menu 3

Pretty cool, eh?  I can’t believe the DVD release is only a month away!  I can’t wait!

If you haven’t pre-ordered your DVDs yet, I urge you to please do so.  Remember, if we are ever to hope to get season two on DVD, we really need to support the season one DVD release.

You can pre-order the DVDs directly from the NBC/Universal store for $44.98.  And, now, you can also pre-order them from for $43.99 (a dollar savings).

While you’re at, please be sure to leave a customer review for the DVDs.  As of this posting 11 fans have left really great positive reviews, but we need more.  Many more.  After you’ve done that, please also head over to IMDb and leave a comment about The Invisible Man on that site too, if you haven’t done so already.  Why is this important?  Because I point industry people to those sites and they do read those comments.  So please take a few minutes and share what you love about I-Man.  Thank you. 

5 thoughts on “More “Invisible Man” DVD News

  1. I’ll go post comments and such right away! Also, I started a scifi club at my college and we plan on showing what I have of the show. Hopefully that’ll help some with the dvd sales if I can get more people into it.

  2. There are some really good reviews on IMDb–many of the 26 are older, but a couple are more recent. If you read to the end, you will find a couple of really nasty reviews written by people simply spewing vitriol. These two people seem to be total left-brain science types who dislike the unrealistic aspects of the show; clearly, they are more interested in the science of science fiction, while the majority of viewers are more interested in (surprise) the fiction, i.e. the stories and characters that make up the show.

    I appreciate the need for differing opinions, and no show, least of all I-Man, is perfect beyond reproach, but it is truly amazing how much energy these negators expend on slamming the very things most other reviewers praise the show for. Also interesting is the fact that while they claim they hated the show, they indicate they have knowledge of it, which implies they actually watched it. However, it is obvious they only saw the pilot, and pilots are notoriously sketchy: it takes several episodes before a series finds its rhythm and style, and I-Man is no exception.

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