Vincent Ventresca Sighting Tonight!

Vincent VentrescaThis is very last minute and I realize that for those of you on the East coast this may be coming too late, but I just found out that Vincent Ventresca is a guest on tonight’s episode of In Plain Sight!  Yep, Vince and Paul in the same show again.  How cool is that?!  I wonder if they will have any interaction?

In Plain Sight is on tonight at 10:00 p.m. (9:00 p.m. Central) on USA.  The episode is entitled “Hoosier Daddy” (how fitting).  If for some reason you missed it, do check the In Plain Sight website for air dates of repeats of this episode.

Last, but by all means not least, I want to give Elaine a big huge thanks for giving me the heads up on this.  

4 thoughts on “Vincent Ventresca Sighting Tonight!

  1. Wow! I’ll bet that was fantastic! I hope I’ll get to see it someday. That might be a great video to keep in mind for I-ManiCon 2009.

  2. Someday? Why not just watch it? There will be repeats this week on USA. Also, you can watch the episode on the website if you wish.

  3. Yeah, so I was just sitting down to do some writing when I saw this, so I immediately had to go to the website and watch the ep (by the way, TV on the internet is definitely the way to go). So I’m blaming you if I don’t get anything accomplished tonight.

    Sweet episode. They don’t have any interaction, which seems an awful waste, but it was a nice episode anyway.

    It’s a cute show, actually. I particularly like Marshal the marshal. He’s very amusing.

  4. Yeah! Tonight! I think, Look on the USA Network website. It’ll repeat. 🙂

    It was SO COOL to see Vince last night!

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