And the Emmy Goes to…

Greg Yaitanes!  Yep, the former Invisible Man director has won an Emmy for best director of a drama series.  The series is House and the episode he directed is entitled “House’s Head.”

There are a couple of versions of a story going around that when it came time to go to the press tent after the awards ceremony, none of the reporters had a question for Greg.  Strange.  You would think the reporters would be better prepared, after all, this is the Emmy’s. 

Here’s the LA Times version of what happened:

Greg Yaitanes, one of the directors of “House,” won an Emmy for his work on the first part of last season’s finale. But when he walked into the press tent, no one jumped at a chance to ask him a question. Just as the director was going to leave, one reporter jumped up (out of pity?).

Before she asked her question, Yaitanes said, “Wouldn’t it have been better and more uncomfortable if I didn’t answer any questions?”

The reporter asked, anyway: “It seems House becomes more and more unlikable as the seasons go on. Do you think there’s going to be redemption for him this season?”

Yaitanes said, “I am not a writer. I’m a director.”

The reporter tried to ask the question again in a different way but then just gave up.

“It’s OK,” Yaitanes said. He left the stage.

Hollywood Today had a slightly different version of what happened:

Greg Yaitanes director of ‘House’ won for best director of a drama series. Unfortunately when Yaitanes came to the stage there were no questions until one clueless reporter asked him what it was like to win as the writer in the series. “I’m not the writer I’m the director,” Yaitanes said scolding the reporter. He abruptly walked out of the press tent.

Well, that was awkward.  Too bad none of the reporters asked him a question about the actual directing of the episode. 

Also, which version do you believe?  This reminds me of something I learned many years ago:  Don’t believe everything you read in the press.  You’d be amazed how frequently reporters get their facts wrong.  Now I’m not trying to paint reporters as evil or incompetent, although I’m sure there are some in the bunch.  But I’ve known a few reporters in my life and even briefly worked in an ABC newsroom many, many years ago; and I’ve got to say I really liked the reporters I’ve known.  But the nature of the job is so deadline driven that it is often difficult to find the time to make sure the facts are precise.  The above is a good example of this.  We have two different versions of the same event and, because of the way they are worded, we have one that paints Greg in a more flattering light than the other. 

Anyways, if you haven’t seen the House episode that won Greg the Emmy, you can watch it below.  It’s a complex episode filled with numerous flashbacks and dream sequences.  I can see why Greg won for this episode.  He definitely deserved it.

2 thoughts on “And the Emmy Goes to…

  1. Either way, poor Greg. You’d think reporters would at least have something generic to ask. *rolleyes* And somewhere there is video/audio of the thing, so someone in the press will end up looking like an idiot if anyone cares to pull it up.

    On the other hand… EMMY!!!! Yay for Greg! We’ve always known that we had incredible talent on I-Man. I guess his price would go up if we wanted him to direct the film, eh? 🙂

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