“Path” Makes a Move

Wasn’t it great seeing Eddie Jones on last week’s episode of Path?  I’m once again reminded what a talented and dynamic actor he is…and a plain nice person to boot.  This week Eddie once again makes an appearance in this week’s episode entitled “Hot Coffee.”  Jason Makiaris also makes a brief appearance in this episode.

For all you I-Man fans, have you been noticing all the little I-Man references sprinkled throughout the series?  How many have you caught?

Now don’t go looking for the new episode in the usual places.  Mike has moved the series to a few new locations.  So go check them out and show your support by voting (you have until midnight Friday) and, of course, telling your friends.

Facebook Group – Path:  The Series



By the way, here’s a little video about the Friendship League.  If you are interested in finding out more about this organization, check out their website at http://friendshipleague.org.


And in this video the Friendship League gets kicked out of Ralph’s.  Aw…they were just trying to be friendly.  Anybody want to go to their Thursday barbecue?

2 thoughts on ““Path” Makes a Move

  1. BUAAAHAHAHAHAAA!!! There are some hysterical jokes in the new ep! I especially love the picture they use of “their” Mike. Off to vote!

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