Vincent in “$#*! My Dad Says”

Recently, Vincent Ventresca guest starred in an episode of $#*! My Dad Says.  Unfortunately, I found out about it too late to alert all of you.  So I looked and looked but was unable to find the full episode (entitled “Easy, Writer”) online, but I was able to find this clip from the show.  The character Vince plays is named Samson.  I kid you not.

4 thoughts on “Vincent in “$#*! My Dad Says”

  1. That episode was hilarious. Well, they all are, but having Vince in there was a nice treat. The actual clip isn’t from that episode though. 🙁

  2. I adore $#*! My Dad Says! We TiVo it every week.

    My husband, Billy, and I are convinced the writers have been secretly watching my father-in-law, Fred, because Ed is nearly identical to Fred in his, “The world revolves around me!” mentality. Unlike Ed, Fred is not nearly as witty or funny, and Fred never admits when he is wrong… Nor does Fred acknowledge that he actually cares about anyone but himself. All that aside, Ed = Fred.

    Billy and I can’t wait to accidentally leave a few episodes playing on Christmas morning when Fried is here visiting. (Sadly, Fred will have zero clue of the irony of doing just that!)

    I’m thrilled that VV will be on an upcoming ep and playing a “tongue-in-cheek” slimeball! (a la his character on Monk.) He is such a great comedic actor.

    I won’t tell Billy so he’ll be pleasantly surprised when the episode pops up on TiVo. It is because of him that I am a VV fan! Billy introduced me to I-Man about 3 years ago and got me interested in actually watching a TV show (and an actor!). A big deal for a music person. 🙂

    Thanks for the heads-up!


    • Awesome to hear that your husband made you an I-Man and Vincent Ventresca fan! *high fives Billy*

      I agree, Vincent is great in comedy! The episode already aired, so you should already have it in your TiVo. I’m late in replying to you, but if you should happen to read this, let me know how you liked the episode. Take care!

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