Character #5 (Voting Period)

Now starts the Voting Period for Character #5!  The Judges discussed the pros and cons of each name and then voted on them.  Names were chosen by majority rule, which meant that a minimum of three votes were needed to move the names to the Voting Round.  In this round both names received three votes.  One of the names was submitted twice by two different people, but the rules say that the first person to submit a name gets the credit.  Congratulations to the two finalists who made it to this round! 

Now the naming of this character rests with all of you. It’s out of the Judges’ hands. It’s your decision.  Please take a minute to vote and show your support.  This is your last chance to vote for a character’s name!

Some reminders:

  • Be sure you are logged on to this Blog.
  • Each person gets only one vote, including the contestants who entered the contest and the finalists.
  • Enter your vote in the comments section (below) of this Blog post.
  • You have one week to enter your vote. The comments will be closed Monday, January 10, 2011, at 6:00 p.m. PT.
  • This is a popularity contest. The most popular name wins! So finalists are free to campaign if they wish.

In this round we are also including the current name of the character, Elliot, for you to vote on.  Both of the other names also start with the letter “E,” so it’s a battle of the “E” names!  Do you like the character’s current name or do you prefer one of the finalists’ character names?   You can only vote for one of them!



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