Vince and Paul on “Las Vegas” Tomorrow

If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching Vincent Ventresca and Paul Ben-Victor in the Las Vegas episode “Pros and Cons,” you’re in for a treat tomorrow.  This is the episode that Greg Yaitanes directed.  When Greg read the script and saw that it called for two lifelong buddies, he immediately thought of Vince and Paul.  And, of course, Vince and Paul nailed it and really impressed the producer, among others.  This episode really shows off that great chemistry and fun that we know and love so much from The Invisible Man.

In reviewing the season one DVD of Las Vegas this is what DVD Talk had to say about the episode.

A particularly great guest appearance comes in the episode “Pros and Cons” where Vincent Ventresca and Paul Ben-Victor are reunited in a hilarious turn as lifelong buddies who return to the Montecito once a year in a special tradition. It’s one of my favorite parts of the entire series, and it is so great to see them together once again.

Vince and Paul play Elliot and Michael, two whales with an unquenchable thirst for gambling.  TNT will be airing the episode tomorrow.  There are two airings here on the west coast:  one at 9:00 a.m. and the other at 12:00 p.m.  But be sure to check the listings for your area as they may vary from mine; and don’t forget to set your DVRs.

Thanks to Ed for giving us a heads up about this!

And the Emmy Goes to…

Greg Yaitanes!  Yep, the former Invisible Man director has won an Emmy for best director of a drama series.  The series is House and the episode he directed is entitled “House’s Head.”

There are a couple of versions of a story going around that when it came time to go to the press tent after the awards ceremony, none of the reporters had a question for Greg.  Strange.  You would think the reporters would be better prepared, after all, this is the Emmy’s. 

Here’s the LA Times version of what happened:

Greg Yaitanes, one of the directors of “House,” won an Emmy for his work on the first part of last season’s finale. But when he walked into the press tent, no one jumped at a chance to ask him a question. Just as the director was going to leave, one reporter jumped up (out of pity?).

Before she asked her question, Yaitanes said, “Wouldn’t it have been better and more uncomfortable if I didn’t answer any questions?”

The reporter asked, anyway: “It seems House becomes more and more unlikable as the seasons go on. Do you think there’s going to be redemption for him this season?”

Yaitanes said, “I am not a writer. I’m a director.”

The reporter tried to ask the question again in a different way but then just gave up.

“It’s OK,” Yaitanes said. He left the stage.

Hollywood Today had a slightly different version of what happened:

Greg Yaitanes director of ‘House’ won for best director of a drama series. Unfortunately when Yaitanes came to the stage there were no questions until one clueless reporter asked him what it was like to win as the writer in the series. “I’m not the writer I’m the director,” Yaitanes said scolding the reporter. He abruptly walked out of the press tent.

Well, that was awkward.  Too bad none of the reporters asked him a question about the actual directing of the episode. 

Also, which version do you believe?  This reminds me of something I learned many years ago:  Don’t believe everything you read in the press.  You’d be amazed how frequently reporters get their facts wrong.  Now I’m not trying to paint reporters as evil or incompetent, although I’m sure there are some in the bunch.  But I’ve known a few reporters in my life and even briefly worked in an ABC newsroom many, many years ago; and I’ve got to say I really liked the reporters I’ve known.  But the nature of the job is so deadline driven that it is often difficult to find the time to make sure the facts are precise.  The above is a good example of this.  We have two different versions of the same event and, because of the way they are worded, we have one that paints Greg in a more flattering light than the other. 

Anyways, if you haven’t seen the House episode that won Greg the Emmy, you can watch it below.  It’s a complex episode filled with numerous flashbacks and dream sequences.  I can see why Greg won for this episode.  He definitely deserved it.

A Casualty of the Writers’ Strike

Up till now, I haven’t written anything about the ongoing WGA writers’ strike because, well, it really hasn’t affected my project in any way.  Funny how half of Hollywood has been shut down because of the strike and, yet, it’s the little guys that can keep plugging away at their projects.

Now I’m bringing up the strike because, unfortunately,  fan-favorite I-Man director, Greg Yaitanes, has been very much affected by it.  The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Greg is among those whose overall deals have been terminated with Fox.  Fox and several other studios are invoking the force majeure clauses of their contracts, which they have the right to do during labor disputes (strikes), in an effort to save themselves money. 

How much longer this strike will go on is anyone’s guess, although current talks appear to be making progress.  (Hey, at least they’re talking now.)  In the meantime, Greg is now a free agent.  Hmm…I wonder if he would be interested in directing a little independent feature film?

Unaired Episodes of “Drive” Now Online

Six episodes of Drive were made, but only four episodes were shown before the show was unceremoniously yanked from the air.  Now, those last two episodes are available to watch online on Drive’s MySpace page.  Episode five, entitled “The Extra Mile,” and episode six, entitled “Rearview,” are there in addition to the first four episodes.

A post-Drive wrap-up interview with executive producers Tim Minear and Craig Silverstein can be found at the Drive Fans website.  In it, Tim and Craig reveal future storylines had the series continued.  It may not really matter at this point, but because of all the spoilers, I suggest you watch the last two episodes before reading the interview.

“Drive” Cancelled

After only four episodes Drive has been officially cancelled.  I’ve got to admit that this caught me by surprise.  I knew the show wasn’t getting great ratings, but I wasn’t expecting Fox to cut their losses so quickly.  It would have been nice if they gave it a chance to build an audience. 

Here’s what Kristen at E! has to say about the cancellation:

Update on Drive: I just got an email from a very highly placed source inside the show, who sadly tells me about the reports of Drive’s cancellation:

“Confirmed. Gone. No word on DVDs, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. You’re sweet for supporting the show” it’s greatly appreciated, for what it’s worth.”
Studio sources tell me, “I’m hearing it is being pulled from Mondays” we have two remaining episodes that have been produced”waiting to hear if they will air (and where).”  Four hours of the show had aired; six were in the can. No word yet on DVDs, but if you live in some far off place where Drive had yet to tour, you can read episode scripts over at

Thanks to Lee Ann for the info.

Follow Up to “Drive”

So Paul Ben-Victor’s performance last night in Drive reminded me a lot of Bobby Hobbes…a lot of the same mannerisms.  Anybody else see that? 

I love that Greg Yaitanes twittered a shout out to The Invisible Man when he wrote, “the truck driver is played by Paul Ben Victor who played VINTAGE Bobby Hobbes on the Invisible Man. Which I directed.”  He could have just as easily named another role that Paul is known for, but he chose I-Man.  Yes! 

If you missed Paul’s performance last night, no problem, you can watch it right now on Drive’s MySpace page!  The name of the episode is “Partners.”  I just love that networks are starting to stream TV shows on the Web.