A Casualty of the Writers’ Strike

Up till now, I haven’t written anything about the ongoing WGA writers’ strike because, well, it really hasn’t affected my project in any way.  Funny how half of Hollywood has been shut down because of the strike and, yet, it’s the little guys that can keep plugging away at their projects.

Now I’m bringing up the strike because, unfortunately,  fan-favorite I-Man director, Greg Yaitanes, has been very much affected by it.  The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Greg is among those whose overall deals have been terminated with Fox.  Fox and several other studios are invoking the force majeure clauses of their contracts, which they have the right to do during labor disputes (strikes), in an effort to save themselves money. 

How much longer this strike will go on is anyone’s guess, although current talks appear to be making progress.  (Hey, at least they’re talking now.)  In the meantime, Greg is now a free agent.  Hmm…I wonder if he would be interested in directing a little independent feature film?