Joel Bissonnette in This Week’s “Standoff”

I’m really sorry to post this announcement after the fact, but I didn’t find out about Joel Bissonnette’s (Arnaud De Fehrn) guest appearance in Standoff until after the show was over.  Literally five minutes after the show was over, I found out.  And, yes, I missed it.

The good news is that you can go to Standoff’s MySpace page and watch the episode there on demand.  It should be up for three weeks.  How cool is that?

On another note, remember Jonathan Glassner?  To refresh your memory, he was one of two executive producers who came on board after Matt Greenberg left I-Man.  Well, he’s now working as Co-Executive Producer/Director on Standoff.  Interesting how so many I-Man alum end up working together again on different shows. 

If you enjoy the behind-the-scenes stuff, then you gotta check out this cool video in which Glassner takes us through the making of an episode of Standoff