Mike McCafferty Announces the Return of “The Invisible Man,” Plus New Projects for Vince and Paul, and an Old One and an Interview

The Invisible Man Returns!

With all the hints and buzz that something might be happening on The Invisible Man front lately, it was very exciting to see this announcement by Mike McCafferty from the other day!

Dear Fans,
Talked to Vinny.
Talked to Paul.
Talked to Eddie.
They’re all on board.
We’re making a little something. Gonna kickstart it in a bit.
For reals this time.
Stay tuned.

What exactly is this little something?  A full-blown movie?  An I-Man short?  My guess is the latter, but we’ll eventually find out.  Even if it’s a short film, it’ll be awesome to see the guys back together again in the roles we loved them in!  And, who knows?  If it’s a short and it does well, we may get more I-Man.  One can dream, can’t one?

Paul Ben-Victor’s New Series:  Vinyl

The very talented Paul Ben-Victor has landed himself a role on another HBO series.  This one is called Vinyl and it’s helmed by Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger.  It’s about the New York City rock and roll music scene of the 1970s. Paul plays the role of music executive Maury Gold.

Vinyl is due to air in 2016.

Paul Ben-Victor in Friends and Romans

Paul Ben-Victor in "Friends & Romans"

Paul Ben-Victor in “Friends and Romans”

Friends and Romans premiered at the Woodstock Film Festival last year as well as the Boston International Film Festival.  Now it is due to be released October 23 in Philadelphia and Providence, Rhode Island, before heading to New York in November. No word yet on if it will get a wider release.

What is it about?  Well, here’s what writer/producer Gregg Greenberg has to say about his film.

Paul plays Dennis Socio in the film.  Here’s a trailer.

Cooper Talk Interviews Paul Ben-Victor

Steve Cooper from Cooper Talk interviewed Paul back in March.  It’s a great hour-long interview and well worth your time.  Steve and Paul talk a little Invisible Man too!  Listen to the interview here.

Vincent Ventresca in Wicked City

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Vince regularly on our TV sets but, now, with his new recurring role on Wicked City, we’ll be seeing him on a somewhat more regular basis.

Vince plays the role of Jimmy, ex-boyfriend of Betty, one of the lead characters.

If you look closely at the following two pictures, you’ll see Vince sitting in the corner at the table read for Wicked City.  Click on the pictures for a better look.

Wicked City Table Read

Wicked City Table Read

Wicked City Table Read

Wicked City Table Read

Wicked City premieres Tuesday, October 27, on ABC.

Stakeout:  A New Webseries Starring Vincent Ventresca


Vincent Ventresca and Erik Palladino have put together a little web series that will be coming out in November.  Erik describes the series as basically two guys in a car on a stakeout.  It sounds pretty low budget but, also, sounds like it will be a lot of fun.

Here’s a video promo for the show.

Real Life Unaired Pilot

Finally, here’s an unaired Vincent Ventresca pilot for you.  Real Life is a pilot from 1998 that was never picked up or aired.  Vince has a supporting role in it as a doctor and the husband of one of the main characters.

Maybe it’s a good thing that it didn’t get picked up, because shortly afterward, Vince landed the role of Darien Fawkes on The Invisible Man.


The Final “Path”

We’ve been patient and our patience has finally paid off.  Today Mike McCafferty posted the final episode of Path for our viewing pleasure.  According to Mike, everything that could have gone wrong with this episode did, including, unfortunately, being unable to schedule shooting time with Vincent.  But the show must go on and I appreciate Mike’s tenacity in getting this finished.

Here for your viewing pleasure is Path episode eight.

Vincent Ventresca to Guest Star in “Path”

Mike McCafferty’s interactive web series is turning into a bit of a mini I-Man reunion.  Mike has announced in the latest episode, entitled “To Change the World,” which went up today, that Vince will be appearing in the next two episodes!  So if you haven’t been watching, go get yourself caught up.  These two episodes are going to be the last of this season and are not to be missed!

Mike is asking for our help to support the series.  Here’s what he has to say:

Hey everyone,

Path #6 is now live.  It’s a great episode that sets the
table for the final two episodes of this season.  We also
have an awesome new title sequence courtesy of Jason

There’s some interest from producers with this series so I
really could use your help to spread the word and vote.
I’d love to get over 100 votes for this episode. 

So check out the episode on Facebook (group videos or
upcoming invite) or stop by www.PathTheSeries.com and cast
your vote before Wednesday.

Thanks for helping!


As you all know, viewer support can often make or break a TV series, a movie, or even a web series, so please show your support by voting and spreading the word to friends, family, and other online sites you visit.  I know that there are well over 1,000 readers of this blog alone, so even if only a quarter of you voted, we could easily surpass Mike’s wish for at least 100 votes.  Won’t you please give him a hand?  As a bonus, you’ll get to help decide the direction of Vince’s character!

Here’s where you can go vote.  You have until Wednesday.

Facebook Group – Path:  The Series



Here’s a fun little video called “Mike Wets Himself” – A film by Kiernan McCafferty.

“Path” Makes a Move

Wasn’t it great seeing Eddie Jones on last week’s episode of Path?  I’m once again reminded what a talented and dynamic actor he is…and a plain nice person to boot.  This week Eddie once again makes an appearance in this week’s episode entitled “Hot Coffee.”  Jason Makiaris also makes a brief appearance in this episode.

For all you I-Man fans, have you been noticing all the little I-Man references sprinkled throughout the series?  How many have you caught?

Now don’t go looking for the new episode in the usual places.  Mike has moved the series to a few new locations.  So go check them out and show your support by voting (you have until midnight Friday) and, of course, telling your friends.

Facebook Group – Path:  The Series



By the way, here’s a little video about the Friendship League.  If you are interested in finding out more about this organization, check out their website at http://friendshipleague.org.


And in this video the Friendship League gets kicked out of Ralph’s.  Aw…they were just trying to be friendly.  Anybody want to go to their Thursday barbecue?

Help Mike Find the Right “Path”

Have you ever wanted to have some creative input into a show or movie?  Well, now here’s your chance.  Mike McCafferty has created an interactive Internet series and you get to vote on what happens next! 

So should he go with the girl?  Go with the Friendship League?  Or play X box?

Is the girl an alien?  With the government?  Or is she crazy?

Should the next location be in a space ship?  In a warehouse?  Or in a Ralphs (supermarket)?

You decide what you want to see happen next and then tune in the following week to see the results of the voting.

Now, I wasn’t able to get this blog up in time for you to vote on the second episode last week.  But the second episode is online and you have until Thursday noon to vote for episode three.  Don’t worry about getting caught up—episode one is still available for viewing.

There are two places, that I know of, where you can view and vote on the videos:


Facebook: Invisible Man Fans
(Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)