Paul Ben-Victor in “Coma”

I should have posted this a couple of months ago—shows how behind I am with my blogging—but, because this is a web series, you can view the episodes at your own leisure.

Coma is a gritty and highly stylized web series.  Paul Ben-Victor plays the role of Zoli in it.  Each episode is only four to seven minutes in length, including the credits; and I should warn you that there is some language.  There are a total of seven episodes in this series. 

To watch, click on the link below to go to the website.  It will start on the first episode and automatically take you through each successive episode, except for the last two episodes.  Those last two episodes have been switched, so you’ll need to choose episode six then seven (from the scrolling list on the right) if you want to watch the episodes in their proper order.

Watch Coma