To Boldly Film Where No One Has Filmed Before

Mike McCafferty in Star Trek Parody

Here’s a fun little no-budget short that Mike McCafferty and company shot recently called Fry’s Trek.  It’s a Star Trek parody filmed at a sci-fi themed Fry’s in the LA area.  (Why can’t we have themed Fry’s in the Bay Area?)  It’s been getting quite a bit of attention over at YouTube with over 20,000 hits to date.  Even Wil Wheaton, who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek:The Next Generation and had a guest role on The Invisible Man, linked to the video on his blog.

As usual, Mike nails the role of Captain Kirk.  And do you recognize the character of Matt Fry?  Yep, that’s Jason Makiaris, who had a guest role on The Invisible Man as Dr. Murav. 

It’s fun to watch these guys try to keep in character even as they are being kicked out by security.  Ah, the joys of guerrilla filmmaking. 

Fry’s Trek