What Happened to Paul in “All the King’s Men”?

Some of you long-time readers of my posts might remember that I wrote back in 2005 about Paul Ben-Victor having a role in All the King’s Men.  Well, you might be interested in knowing that the film has come and gone from theaters and is now available on DVD

So why did it take me so long to bring this news to you?  I admit that I do get swamped and behind on the news from time to time, but I assure you that’s not what happened in this case. 

Actually, I had heard a little rumor that Paul’s part had been cut; and it wasn’t until just recently when I was able to watch the movie On Demand that I was able to confirm that rumor.

Yes, I’m sorry to say, Paul’s character ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor. 

I can’t give you an exact reason why this happened, but most likely the film was too long and/or the story needed to be tightened up.  When that happens, characters that aren’t integral to the storyline often get cut.  It’s a shame it had to happen to Paul though.