Reviews Coming In for “The Good Steno”

I’m passing on to all of you a link and some audience reviews that Paul Ben-Victor sent me yesterday.  The link is to a great article about Paul’s play The Good Steno, which is currently playing at the Hayworth Theater in Los Angeles, California.  He also included some raving audience reviews (see below).

I love the mother/son picture of Paul and his mom, Leah Cornfeld Friedman, that is included in the article.  To read the article and view the pictures go to

Paul’s play runs until March 25, 2007, so there’s still time to catch it!  Go to for ticket information.

Audience Reviews

“The Good Steno” is one of the best plays I’ve seen anywhere in years.  Absolute perfection: the writing, the casting, the acting, the staging, the music, the choreography, the fun, the laughs and pain intermingled seamlessly and with great effect.  I have recommended it to friends, colleagues and family with full confidence that I have done them a great favor if they check out what theater is meant to be and do for the human heart and psyche.

We still can’t stop talking or thinking about the play…the inventiveness, the performances, the continuity, the structure, the choreography, the UNBELIEVABLE talent all around!  It is so rare to go to a play where everyone knocks it out of the ballpark!!  Seriously.  SERIOUSLY.
A sensational job on all fronts!
Jen & Steve

The Good Steno is a must-see! The stellar writing gives a sense of total authenticity to the time and place. The cast of beautifully-crafted characters delivers a jaw-dropping performance. The story unfolds at a pace unbeknownst to Black Box theatre ’til now. The comedy, the suspense…it stays with you for days…
Amy Belasen

What a  magnificent play!  What wonderful work Leah and Paul did together – the characters and the world they created stays with me!
sally lapidus

Thanks again for the wonderful evening. I really enjoyed the play… the wonderful  dialogue / language and Paul Ben-Victor’s excellent acting and direction. Wow – there sure was a lot going on on that  stage.

Well, I’m blown away. What a beautifully realized production. Great cast, great direction and a fabulous play. I loved it all and it certainly captured a time and place that resonates for me.

We have told many friend’s about the play . I thought about it for several days after. It was FANTASTIC!!!  WOW! What an undertaking!  We haven’t seen great theater in such a long time.

Had a great time the other night. Really great piece of work.  Acting was superb.  Do you know if there’s any way I could get a copy of Paul Ben-Victor’s play? I’d really like to read it before I see it AGAIN.
All the best,

We loved the play.  I seriously can’t wait to see it again!

I heard it was great!  I’m def coming.
mike rappaport

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  1. That’s great! I wish I lived in California. Then I could see it and whatnot. MN is not in a very convenient place…

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