Videos by Danielle

A few years back there existed a really great website dedicated to Vincent Ventresca called  The site was attractive, well organized, and a fan could find virtually everything about Vince’s roles and career there. Danielle, a very talented fan, created and ran the site. 

Well, life got busy for Danielle and the website is no more, but a whole slew of her videos she either saved or created are residing on YouTube for our enjoyment.  Danielle was kind enough to let me post links to her videos so that you can easily find and enjoy them too.  She’s got a great assortment of videos. 

To start things off, here’s the actual trailer used to advertise the pilot of The Invisible Man.

Invisible Man Trailer

Here’s a great interview with Vince where he answers questions from the old Invisible Man bboard.  The audio seems to be a bit out of sync and it abruptly stops after seven minutes, but it’s still worth watching.

The Invisible Man Bboard Interviews Vincent Ventresca

Danielle created a whole slew of I-Man music videos that are a lot of fun to watch.

In The End

Die Another Day

Enemy Within

Darien’s Rap

The Return

On My Own


Disappearing Boy

Eberts Day


These 5 Words


One Wish

Sexy Darien

Danielle created this Prey music video.


Here’s a old commercial from 1995 that Vince was in.

Vincent Ventresca Pepsi Commercial

Finally, here’s a music video dedicated to Vince’s various roles.

The Many Faces of Ventresca