In Memory of Michael Smuin

I beg your patience as I indulge a bit into something that has personal meaning for me.  I usually don’t post off topic subjects, but I wanted to take a moment to mention the recent passing of a great artist.  This week the dance world lost Michael Smuin.  Probably best known for his roles as choreographer and co-director of San Francisco Ballet, Smuin had a long and distinguished career, which you can read about on the Smuin Ballet home page if you wish. 

This news touched me more than usual because I had the priviledge of taking a ballet master class from him many years ago.  It’s an experience I will never forget.  What a surprise is was for me to go into class expecting strict classical training only to be told how to “cheat” on our arabesques.  I quickly learned that he likes to “break the rules.” 

Smuin passed during a rehearsal of his upcoming season.  He died doing what he loved to do. 

Channel 7 News has an article and a great video about this dance legend.