Mr. Sprinkles and Eberts

Hello team,

Sadly, L33t Haxxors 4 did not win the final contest on Acceptable TV because, well, we got hacked.

The winner, a good friend of mine who is also the creator of the wildly popular “Chad Vader” series, posted on his site that his show was up for voting. Ambitious readers, noting that voting was unlimited, took that to heart and set up autoclicking programs to rig the game. We tried to fight it with our own ballot stuffing but in the last hours of voting, we lost by 2%. Ugh.

I mention L33t here because as writer and co-director of the past 3 episodes I’ve definitely started to mold the duo of Overlord and Razorwire to resemble Fawkes and Hobbes, respectively. I think they’re really starting to hit their stride and hopefully we’ll shoot a few more of these. Take another look and see if you can spot the similarities.

Also, check out the last three episodes of Mr. Sprinkles. I did the voice of Agent Pedone, who works for Homeland Security. I was surprised that the animation looked a lot like Eberts! I hadn’t even thought about that until I saw the first episode and then it hit me that this could be Eberts, post 9/11. Admittedly, a harsher, no nonsense version, but hey, it’s been quite a few years since we’ve seen him so who knows?

As far as the I-Man, well, you know the story thus far. I’d love to get the cast together for a little I-man short in the vein of the Star Trek online series that use Trek talent. It’d be a non-profit fan film, maybe something to jump start the whole process of a feature. I dunno, if you all support this, maybe you should post comments and let me know.

Having said that, I support Amanda’s quest to bring us all back to the big screen some how. She’s tireless and fearless, both of which are crucial in the battle against Hollywood. I know she’ll succeed someday, when is the million dollar question.



5 thoughts on “Mr. Sprinkles and Eberts

  1. Mike, you know you have my support if you still want to do the fan film idea. But, of course, I’m still pursuing the feature film project. I think you guys deserve a real honest-to-goodness movie. I won’t stop until that happens.

  2. Another thought now that I’m finally waking up. You do plan on getting permission from the rights holder, I assume? Those Star Trek fans were able to create those online fan films and get cast members to star in them because they got permission to do so. Without permission you run the risk of a big fat lawsuit thrown at you.

  3. That would be so great. I got a bunch of my school friends into the show via YouTube, so if there was something else for them to see it would be so easy to watch it.
    Speaking of making short films, I still have to send you the stuff i have for Space Show. I’ll try to get it to you as soon as i can.

  4. If there’s a way to do a fan film without any legal issues cropping up, I would love to see one!

    And, geeze, sorry to hear about the hacking. I really enjoyed L33t Haxxors.

  5. It’s the whole Law that is stopping, we need permission!! T_T
    and my god, do i support this!

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