Variety Praises “Sexy Laundry” Performances

Paul Ben-Victor, as well as co-star Frances Fisher, have received high praise from Variety for their performances in Sexy Laundry.  It’s great to see Paul recognized for his talent!  Here are a few excerpts from the article:

Canadian scripter Michele Riml is fortunate to have such accomplished pros as film/stage vets Frances Fisher and Paul Ben-Victor inhabiting the personas of sexually challenged mid-lifers Alice and Henry…

Fortunately, Fisher and Ben-Victor are more than up to the task of realizing all the emotional twists and turns while investing a rollicking humor into the Alice/Henry travails.

It is a tribute to Ben-Victor’s craftsmanship that Henry’s emotional turnaround in the perplexing final scene makes the scripter’s feel-good ending actually seem plausible.

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