“The Invisible Man” is Online!

The first season of The Invisible Man is now available to watch online!  NBC/Universal and Fox have joined forces to create an online video on demand service that offers full-length episodes of their current and past TV shows as well as a limited selection of movies, clips and other content.  The site, called Hulu, which has been in beta mode for months, made its public launch today. And I’m happy to say that The Invisible Man is among the TV shows that are available for streaming!

All of the first season episodes of I-Man are up and I’m hoping that we get season two at some point, but that will most likely depend on how popular the show becomes.  Hulu has a nifty feature that lists shows and episodes in order of popularity, so the more people that watch, the higher the show goes in the popularity rankings.  Viewers can also rate the episodes and leave reviews.

Watch The Invisible Man on Hulu

In addition to Hulu, all the first season episodes of I-Man are available for viewing on AOL Video.

One of the really neat features of Hulu is that it allows the embedding of its videos onto other websites.  So, with that, I present The Invisible Man’s Pilot episode courtesy of Hulu.com.  

2 thoughts on ““The Invisible Man” is Online!

  1. That is insane! I guess good things do come to those who wait. And I just pre-ordered my season 1 DVDs.

  2. I already have the region 2 DVDs ripped to my computer! but I’ll make sure and tell people about this! (and probably still watch them, too). I also have my DVDs pre-ordered. Can’t wait to get back from Spring Break! I have to show my friends all the fun stuff!

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