Shoom Zone Gets Profiled/ “Moonlight” Fans Push for Renewal

Fellow Invisible Man fan, Laura M., wrote a nice little profile piece about Shoom Zone Productions and my project in her blog Musings of a Grown Woman.  Go check it out!

While you’re there, check out the rest of her blog.  Laura is a very talented writer who is currently working toward her Ph.D. in English.  Besides being an Invisible Man fan, Laura is also a huge Moonlight fan; and most of her blogging is about the show, its stars, and the fandom’s efforts to get Moonlight renewed.  Yep, another fan campaign.

Moonlight is doing quite well in the ratings; and while it looks promising that the show will get renewed, the fans are not taking any chances.  Instead of waiting till their show gets cancelled, they are playing it smart and supporting their show while it’s still on top.  If you’re a Moonlight fan and want to help show your support for the show, go to

23 thoughts on “Shoom Zone Gets Profiled/ “Moonlight” Fans Push for Renewal

  1. Thank you for helping to push for our cause — We have so much to offer yet in this fight and we are not letting down any time soon.

  2. Any network would benefit greatly by picking up Moonlight. We are such a devoted and driven fan base. We won’t stop promoting the show until it’s the most watched show on TV. We’ve had toy drives, food drives, BLOOD DRIVES

  3. all in the name of Moonlight. How much more free advertising can you get?

  4. Why Moonlight, well:

    1) we won our time slot each week
    2) we won our demo each week
    3) Fans came back after writer strike hiatus at the same level w/o advertising from CBS.
    4) Fans dedicated and loyal. Willing to promote other shows on the Network that has Moonlight.
    5) Fans very vocal to industry media sources and will promote network. We started a blood drive for the show.
    6) TV and have reported it is one of the lowest cost shows to produce out there.
    7) It already has a dedicated fanbase to build from.
    8) Both a TV Guide Critic and Eonline personality have stated their love of the show, which gets Moonlight and its network publicity.
    9) Alex, Sophie, and Jason are very talented actors and work very hard for their show. Alex has done 60+ weeks for it.
    10)Limitless plot possibilites Josef and Micks blood lines, historical tie ins to the characters past, mysteries to solve, Mick and Beth’s relationship.

  5. Unfortunately, even though Moonlight garnered nearly 8 million viewers consistently, and always won its time slot on Friday nights in the ratings, CBS decided not to renew the show. Despite their claims of poor ratings, it seems clear that CBS simply decided to go in another direction. They want more comedies, and they want… apparently a night time soap opera, because that’s what they seem to have put in Moonlight’s place.

    The good news is that WB, which owns the show, may be shopping around for a new broadcast home for the show, and Silver Productions, which produces the show, has indicated they haven’t given up either. Please go to to learn more about current efforts to find a new network to pick up Moonlight. Thanks.

  6. I LOVE Moonlight and am a huge fan! I was so devastated when I heard CBS had canceled it. There is a huge fan base for Moonlight – it is truly a cult classic. It reminds me of The X Files meets CSI.

    SOMEONE NEEDS TO PICK UP MOONLIGHT!! I’m sure it would fast become one of the highest-rated shows on television.

  7. Moonlight averages 7 mil + viewers, consistantly. Friday Night Lights averages 3.5-4 mil. Cable, do the Math!

  8. Any network would benefit from the pick up of MOONLIGHT.

    From Alex O’Loughlin, to Jason Dorhing to Sofia Myles to David Blue. A fantastic cast. Amazing chemistry between all and rabid viewers who adore this show.

  9. Moonlight is a gem of a show! My money and I will follow it anywhere! Please save Moonlight!

  10. Moonlight is a PHENOMENAL show and I just watched “Sonata”. It was fantastic!! I cannot believe CBS wouldn’t want to continue the amazing storyline going on. Women, men and kids all over the world LOVE this show. CBS, WAKE UP!!

  11. Thank you very much! Someone please, pick up Moonlight!!!! It’s a FANTASTIC show that already has 8 MILLION – yes…..8 MILLION loyal fans!

  12. Thank you so much for your support! *hugs*

    In vampire solidarity Rah! Rah! Rah!

  13. Can’t understand why anybody would even think of canceling Moonlight, especially after the last four episodes. When everybody else’s ratings dropped after the strike, Moonlight held its pre-strike position. And it is just starting to roll! Sure hope somebody has sense enough to pick it up.

  14. I adore Moonlight. Last night’s finale was absolutely awesome. This was the only show on CBS that was can’t miss for me. The CBS execs say that they want to appeal to more women in the demographic. Well, I AM a woman in the demographic and I want Moonlight. I don’t want some sad little tale about a woman who has one year to find Mr. Right, a guy she already dated and passed on. They have NO IDEA what the viewers want to see! And their tools for collecting ratings are so antiquated and WRONG. You would think that a show that retained its audience after the strike debacle might be worth giving a chance to grow.

    CBS learned NOTHING from this horrible year in the industry. And then they want to blame the fact that they gave Jericho a chance and the fans didn’t return. They didn’t want to get burned twice, so, they decided to cancel, even though the numbers supported that the fans were watching. This was just one of the double-talking reasons that Moonlight was cancelled.

    Because of the way Moonlight, its cast, and the 8 million counted fans were treated, I will NOT be sampling anything new on CBS again. I won’t even casually watch their shows anymore. What is the point? Everything they put on that is new and different gets canned. A couple of the new shows looked interesting, but, that’s too bad. I’m so disgusted with CBS and I’m DONE with them. I’ll be taking my demo viewing and dollars to such places as FX, USA, TNT, SciFI, and the CW.

    Hopefully, some smart and savvy network will pick up Moonlight for a season 2. I’m sure the 8 million fans would follow it.

  15. I love Moonlight. Thank you from the 8 million fans who love Moonlight for helping try to save this show. This show offers so much from its amazing actors starting with Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Myles, and Jason Dohring, then to the writers who give 100% percent great storylines, to the most important reason we love Moonlight (the Mick/Beth chemistry). Please give Moonlight a chance.

  16. Thank you for suppoting our show. Moonlight is one of the best shows out there and with a very devoted fan base, we are ready to follow.

  17. i love moonlight,,,,like everybody has said cbs thinks they know what women want and its not the Ex list, women are drawn to lead male characters who have a tortured soul and when “he” loves that girl he LOVES that girl and nothing will change that. and more to the point he rescues her and women want to be saved, and thats why 8 million (more or less) women love MOONLIGHT he’s tall dark and handsome and would lay down his life to love and save you…what more could you want….to me that is the targed audience 18-49 i mean hello (this is the general area who read romance novels) (sry i’m only guessing) to make my point CBS obviously doesn’t know what we want or they should kept the show…MICKBETH forever!!!! please give this wonderful tale of romance a chance!!!!

  18. Being a fan of Moonllight, I still have been totally amazed at the incredible fans out there. For a group who just got together to fight for their show to donate over $14,000 for ads in Variety and Hollywood Reporter – collected in less than 72 hours – wow! Moonlight fans have given their own blood to the Red Cross in special blood drives to support the show! This is my families favorite show of all times and surely someone will respect the “People’s Choice” and give it a second season.

  19. I am a huge fan of the show Moonlight, unfortunately, CBS didn’t renew Moonlight for a second season. Their mistake another networks big gain. I watch and my money will follow whatever network will put Moonlight on the line-up. Thank you for helping us get Moonlight a new home.

  20. Moonlight’s a great show. I watched it by accident and got sucked in. It only continued to improve during its run and by the last episode it’s really proved itself to be something special. I really hope someone picks it up.

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