Shoom Zone’s Two-Year Anniversary

Today marks the second anniversary of the online presence of this film project.  Looking back over what seemed like a year of rather slow progress, I feel confident saying that this project is finally starting to pick up its pace.  It’s about time, eh? 

What feels good is the feedback I’ve been getting.  In my gut I know this is a really good project, but sometimes it’s important to verify what you think you know to check yourself, so I make it a point to talk about the project whenever I can.  I’ve got to say that the feedback I’ve been getting from experienced producers and investors has been very encouraging indeed. 

The feedback I’ve been getting from my fellow I-Man fans has been great too.  Thank you for the emails of support and encouragement.  I’m just as excited as you are at the prospect of seeing our cast together again someday.  When I started this website two years ago, it had just over a 100 visitors.  This year that number went up to over 1,400 visitors.  Now that’s just a drop in the bucket of the millions of people who watched I-Man worldwide, but considering that I really haven’t done any sort of PR yet, that’s not too shabby. 

Project Update

I’ve got three, yes three, treatments going at the same time in various stages of development, so let’s talk about where each one is in the stream of things.

Treatment #1—Yesterday I mailed copies of the fully executed producer/writer agreement to the writer.  That part is finally done!  The next step is for her to send me the revised treatment and then I’ve got to get busy reading it and giving notes back to her. 

Treatment #2—Monday I received the first draft of the producer/writer agreement from my lawyer.  We made a few changes to it and it is almost ready to send on to the writer for her review.  I really need to keep this agreement moving forward quickly so that the writer will have enough time to get the treatment done.

Treatment #3—This is the treatment I’m writing.  I’ve put it aside for a while to get caught up on other things, but I’ll be revisiting it in a couple of weeks.  I’m looking forward to getting back to work on it, especially since I’m going to be working under the mentorship of a WGA writer who is not only a produced writer, but also the author of two screenwriting books.  One of the things I really like about this writer is that, besides having written for both film and TV, he has worked on a couple of sci-fi TV shows.  I think it will really help to have someone with that kind of genre background to give me feedback.

The first treatment is scheduled to be finished around the end of January, so the other two treatments will need to be finished around the same time.  The plan is to submit all three treatments at the same time to the cast for their consideration. 

So that’s where we are with the project.  If all goes well, we could start writing the screenplay early next year!

2 thoughts on “Shoom Zone’s Two-Year Anniversary

  1. Congratulations! Too bad more people aren’t commenting, even though I know this blog is well-read. I know it took me several tries to remember my password. It’s a shame the spammers found you and made you go members-only for comments. Keep up the great work!

  2. Yeah, I really hated that I had to have people sign up to comment and it has definitely effected commenting. But it’s cool to look at my web stats and know that fans are visiting from all over the world and are interested in what the cast is doing and in this project.

    Thanks for your steadfast and continuing support, Laura!

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