Help Mike Find the Right “Path”

Have you ever wanted to have some creative input into a show or movie?  Well, now here’s your chance.  Mike McCafferty has created an interactive Internet series and you get to vote on what happens next! 

So should he go with the girl?  Go with the Friendship League?  Or play X box?

Is the girl an alien?  With the government?  Or is she crazy?

Should the next location be in a space ship?  In a warehouse?  Or in a Ralphs (supermarket)?

You decide what you want to see happen next and then tune in the following week to see the results of the voting.

Now, I wasn’t able to get this blog up in time for you to vote on the second episode last week.  But the second episode is online and you have until Thursday noon to vote for episode three.  Don’t worry about getting caught up—episode one is still available for viewing.

There are two places, that I know of, where you can view and vote on the videos:

Facebook: Invisible Man Fans
(Scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

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