The Miracle Worker

Paul’s financee, Julie Austin Felder, is currently playing the role of Helen Keller’s mother, Kate Keller, in the stage production of The Miracle Worker.  The play is getting great reviews and so is Julie!

LA Splash says:  “…with the wonderful Julie Austin Felder playing mother, Kate Heller…both giving impassioned performances of parents realizing the greatest of fears, the sickness of their beloved child, Helen Keller.”    

Socal writes about Julie:  “…Both actors delved profoundly into their character and the peculiarities of the age lingos and accents and succeed in making the Kellers fully believable. Him, stern, patriarchal… and paternalistic, her, concerned, emotionally involved and… maternalistic.

Lynne Bronstein at Stage Happenings says:  “Julie Austin Felder also is outstanding as Kate Keller, maintaining a balance between soft-heartedness and underlying strength.”

Julie Austin Felder in "The Miracle Worker"

The Miracle Worker can be seen every Friday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday at 2:00 p.m. from now through June 28 at the Edgemar Center for the Arts.  The Center is located at 2437 Main Street, Santa Monica, California  90405.  Tickets are $25.

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Catching Up On Paul Ben-Victor News, Part 2

Paul Ben-Victor news continues…

Sunday’s post would have been too long and unwielding, which is why I decided to split it up into two posts. 

Let’s start with another interview.  This one is from Hollywood 411.


Paul’s Pad

Paul’s Santa Monica home has been featured in a couple of publications and websites.  There’s good reason for this too.  Paul has excellent taste.  According to Statement magazine Paul “probably could have distinguished himself as an architect or a designer” — and I have to agree.  So take a look at Paul’s place and maybe you’ll get some decorating ideas for your own home.

First up is a brief video tour of his home on the Modern Home & Living website.  Just scroll down a bit to watch the video on the lower right side of the website.  Paul’s home is the very first one shown in the video.

Modern Home & Living

Next up is an eight-page spread in Statement magazine.  A digital version of the magazine (No. 5, 2008) can be found here.  But you’ll have to scroll to page 96 to get to the article.  It’s a bit of a pain.  You can also download a PDF version of the entire magazine from the website if you wish.  It’s a pretty cool magazine.  To make things a bit easier, however, I pulled out just the article from the PDf download for you.

But before I go any further there is a very newsworthy piece of information on the first page of this article that you might be interested in, namely, that Paul is engaged to actress Julie Austin Felder.  Yes ladies, Paul is officially off the market.  I want to give a big huge congratulations to Paul and Julie and wish them much happiness!  

Statement Magazine Article:  Details, Details

Coming soon:  I’ll talk about Julie’s new play.

Catching Up On Paul Ben-Victor News, Part 1

Paul Ben-Victor at the Prism Awards
Paul Ben-Victor at the Prism Awards

A few weeks back I told Paul that I would get a blog post up and let all of you know about his new Facebook fan page.  Well, I have to apologize to him and you for the delay.  Things have been really busy for me and I’m just now getting it done.  

Not long ago, I scoured through the I-Man pictures that I’ve collected over the years and sent a whole bunch of them to him for his new Facebook fan page.  However, I only sent him pictures that he was in.  Hey, after all this is his fan page.  But you’ll also see plenty of the rest of the cast in those pics.    

The fan page is run by a friend of his.  So, if you’re a Facebook user, or if you want to be, go join Paul’s new Facebook fan page and show your support.  Check it out!  

Paul Ben-Victor’s Facebook Page

In Plain Sight

The Prism Awards

In Plain Sight continues its second season on USA.  Recently the show was nominated for a Prism award.  It didn’t win, but Paul was one of the presenters at the awards ceremony. 

Season One DVDs

If you’ve been wanting to buy this series on DVD, wait no more.  Season one of In Plain Sight is now available, and it happens to be on sale right now at  


Paul answers the question:  What was it like filming in Albuquerque?  
Paul answers the question:  Why are viewers going to watch the second season?  
Paul answers the question:  How does it feel to be part of a successful show?  
Paul answers the question:  What is in store for Stan this season?  
Paul answers the question:  What are your favorite parts of filming last season?  
Part two coming soon.