Vincent Ventresca in “My Neighbor’s Secret”

I try to keep up with what the cast is doing but, occasionally, something will get by me and I find out after the fact.  That’s what happened in this instance.  I recently found out that Vince was in the Lifetime movie My Neighbor’s Secret, which aired last month on September 26.

I wasn’t able to find any other TV airings of the movie.  However, I did find the movie on Lifetime’s website!  So, click the link below if you want to watch it, but don’t wait too long.  My understanding is that the movie will only be available until October 28.  Enjoy!

Watch My Neighbors Secret

View Stills From the Movie

3 thoughts on “Vincent Ventresca in “My Neighbor’s Secret”

  1. Great! If you find out anything, please let me know. It’s always nice to have extra eyes out there looking for cast appearances.

  2. OMG <3 i hope i can watch this when i get back on later tonigh! Hope it's not for US only PLEASE PLEASE!!! thanks for this Amanda!!! you're the best!!! 😀 By the Image, he still looks sooo good! Ahhhh!!! <3

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