Character #3 (Submission Period)

The NAME THE MOVIE CHARACTERS CONTEST continues!  This post starts the Third Round, which is where you get to submit names for the next character in the movie.

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Character #3

The next name we need is for a character who has not yet been cast, but I can tell you who is number one on my wish list.  That person is actor Joel Bissonnette.  I haven’t personally talked to Joel so I have no idea if he is interested.  But I think this role would fit him perfectly and it would be awesome to have another I-Man alum join the cast.  For this character we are looking for both a first name and a last name.  Here’s a short character description:

He’s a wealthy industrialist who is considered one of San Francisco’s upper class.  His power and influence have made him one of the top businessmen in the city.  But behind the thin veil of respectability lies a man who isn’t above doing something illegal or immoral to further his goals, and he has a secret which makes him even more dangerous.

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