A New Look for Vince

Vincent Ventresca recently guest starred in an episode of Hot in Cleveland last month. Fortunately for us, it’s not too late to see it.  The episode, entitled “Unseparated at Birthdates,” will air again tomorrow, July 17, at 9:30 a.m. on TV Land.  Be sure to check listings for the exact time and channel in your area.  If you don’t get TV Land, you can, also, watch it immediately online here.

In this episode Vince plays Dr. Doug; and he’s sporting a whole lot more hair than ever before.  In fact, his look gets quite a reaction from Valerie Bertinelli’s character!

So what do you think of Vincent’s new look?

2 thoughts on “A New Look for Vince

  1. In the latest issue of WIRED (October 2011) and on the main page of the Samsonite USA website (as of today, October 11, 2011 anyhow) there is an ad for men’s laptop bags that has three rather nice looking dudes…. One looks an awful lot like Vince with really, really bad hair (I’m talking white boy ‘fro!), but a sexy Joel McHale skinny-tie suit! (Oh, bad shoes, too… I notice these things!)

    My husband thinks it is Vince, too.

    The guy in the middle kind of looks a bit like Eric. Should be expect something to pop up on the Samsonite YouTube channel soon? Their other videos are pretty lame (except for the one with the male acrobat beating the heck out of the new luggage! That’s pretty awesome.) a VV Samsonite ad would be worth watching! A VV ad on TV would be worth not fast forwarding the TiVo through… 🙂

    • Is this the ad you’re talking about?

      Samsonite Ad

      If so, the guy on the left does look a lot like Vince, but I don’t think it’s him.

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