Announcing Our Crash the Super Bowl Commercial: “Doritos Golden Trophy”!

Hey, folks, I’m pleased to announce that our commercial for the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest is now online!  Now before I send you to the link to watch it, I want to give a big thanks to our cast and crew and especially our director, Sandra Myers, for making this ad a reality.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  This was truly a group effort.

There are only a couple of days left before the submission period closes so we need you to help us out and get us noticed!  Here’s how you can help:

  • Accept the Doritos Facebook app!  It’s the only way you’ll be able to watch the commercial.
  • Go rate the ad by giving it five stars!  Not one, not two, not three, not four, but five stars!  We need to keep near the top of the ratings and not get lost at the bottom so that we can get noticed.
  • Post a comment!  You’re comment will appear on your Facebook page along with a link to the commercial.
  • Share the commercial!  There are three share buttons below the ad.  One for Facebook, one for Twitter, and one for email.  Please share it with everyone you know and ask them to rate and share it too!

Thanks for your help.  Now go watch the commercial!

Doritos Golden Trophy Commercial


6 thoughts on “Announcing Our Crash the Super Bowl Commercial: “Doritos Golden Trophy”!

  1. Sorry but I’m gonna have to be brutal with truth. Whatever that was that I watched on Facebook SUCKED. You took all that footage, and went with that crap?! Who the hell did the editing? Disappointing.

    • Mitchell, can you be more specific about what you didn’t like? You really don’t tell us anything useful. Only telling me you don’t like it isn’t contructive criticism.

      • First of all, the story was just not clear. Scenes were put out of order. I know you had to cram it all into 30 seconds, but everything felt rushed and it all went by before you could even figure out what happened. You should have shown it to other people before finalizing it. I showed it to friends who had no idea what the story was about, and none of them really “got it” after watching it. Whoever did the editing failed, sorry to say it. I really wanted this video to come out good. It had massive potential. Overall it just looks like someone rushed to meet a deadline and wasn’t able to tell the story coherently.

      • Unimportant scenes (such as the movers in the house) could have been cut to make way for more important scenes. Even though I knew the story beforehand, I still couldn’t figure out why we were watching a scene of them in the house. It was out of place and didn’t drive the story. A stranger watching this short is definitely going to feel lost.

    • Don’t take it from me though, I’m just an amateur in this game. But you being the pro, should know when a video isn’t up to par. Better luck on your next work.

      • I appreciate the honest feedback, Mitchell. I agree that it could have been better, but Sandra didn’t get all the shots she wanted and needed in the loading dock scene and so we had to work with the footage we had.

        Sandra’s working on another cut right now to enter into the contest that will emphasize the dancing that got totally cut out of the first ad.

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