Vincent Ventresca to Guest Star in “Path”

Mike McCafferty’s interactive web series is turning into a bit of a mini I-Man reunion.  Mike has announced in the latest episode, entitled “To Change the World,” which went up today, that Vince will be appearing in the next two episodes!  So if you haven’t been watching, go get yourself caught up.  These two episodes are going to be the last of this season and are not to be missed!

Mike is asking for our help to support the series.  Here’s what he has to say:

Hey everyone,

Path #6 is now live.  It’s a great episode that sets the
table for the final two episodes of this season.  We also
have an awesome new title sequence courtesy of Jason

There’s some interest from producers with this series so I
really could use your help to spread the word and vote.
I’d love to get over 100 votes for this episode. 

So check out the episode on Facebook (group videos or
upcoming invite) or stop by and cast
your vote before Wednesday.

Thanks for helping!


As you all know, viewer support can often make or break a TV series, a movie, or even a web series, so please show your support by voting and spreading the word to friends, family, and other online sites you visit.  I know that there are well over 1,000 readers of this blog alone, so even if only a quarter of you voted, we could easily surpass Mike’s wish for at least 100 votes.  Won’t you please give him a hand?  As a bonus, you’ll get to help decide the direction of Vince’s character!

Here’s where you can go vote.  You have until Wednesday.

Facebook Group – Path:  The Series

Here’s a fun little video called “Mike Wets Himself” – A film by Kiernan McCafferty.

“Path” Makes a Move

Wasn’t it great seeing Eddie Jones on last week’s episode of Path?  I’m once again reminded what a talented and dynamic actor he is…and a plain nice person to boot.  This week Eddie once again makes an appearance in this week’s episode entitled “Hot Coffee.”  Jason Makiaris also makes a brief appearance in this episode.

For all you I-Man fans, have you been noticing all the little I-Man references sprinkled throughout the series?  How many have you caught?

Now don’t go looking for the new episode in the usual places.  Mike has moved the series to a few new locations.  So go check them out and show your support by voting (you have until midnight Friday) and, of course, telling your friends.

Facebook Group – Path:  The Series

By the way, here’s a little video about the Friendship League.  If you are interested in finding out more about this organization, check out their website at


And in this video the Friendship League gets kicked out of Ralph’s.  Aw…they were just trying to be friendly.  Anybody want to go to their Thursday barbecue?

Halo Minute Countdown

Here’s a fun little live streaming show that was shot on New Year’s Eve and hosted by Mike McCafferty and Dawn Cody.  Jason Makiaris makes an appearance in it too. 

If you’re a gamer, you’ll probably especially like this because these guys spoof those countdown shows by doing a countdown of the top ten Halo games of all time.  I should warn you that there is some profanity in this video, but it is very minor.

Halo Minute Countdown Commercial

The New Year’s Eve Top Ten Halo Countdown

“An Historical Moment”

Don’t blame me for the bad grammar in the title of this post.  I didn’t make it up.  I just borrowed it from the title of Mike McCafferty and Jason Makiaris’ latest Acceptable TV entry called, you guessed it, An Historical Moment.

Once again the guys need our help to get their show on the air.  I’ll let Jason tell you what you need to do in his email below. 

Hey Y’all,

For those keeping score at home, we’ve now had three episodes of L33t Haxxors air on Vh1. Thanks to everyone who has supported us and voted over the past few weeks. If you missed an episode and want to see it, click on one of the links below

L33t Haxxors Episode 1
L33t Haxxors Episode 2
L33t Haxxors Episode 3

This week we are debuting a new series on Acceptable TV entitled An Historical Moment which is hosted by yours truly, and is sure to delight as well as confuse many of you. We love this silly little show, and hope you’ll vote for it. Click the link below to go to the voting page and if you are so inclined, click the “Vote For This Video” link (with the heart next to it) above our video. For some reason, you no longer need to register to vote, so just click away and vote as many times as you like. There aren’t any limits as to how many times you can vote.

Watch “An Historical Moment”

Don’t forget to tune in and see if we air again this Friday night at 10!

Thanks again!

– Jason

So watch and vote for An Historical Moment.  If you think their grammar is wrong, wait until you see what they did with history.

Mike and Jason Need Our Help!

As a follow up to Friday’s post, I want to remind everyone that your vote is very much needed to help Mike McCafferty and Jason Makiaris’ show L33t Haxxors Episode 2 get on VH1’s Acceptable TV this Friday.  If they don’t get enough votes, their show doesn’t air…simple as that.  And that would be a shame!

Time is short as Jason informs me that the voting ends Wednesday afternoon.  So please take a minute and go the Acceptable TV website and vote.  Jason has written some great instructions, complete with pictures, on how to register and vote, which I’m copying and pasting below for you.

Mike, Ben and Jason

 Vote Counts

Hi Everybody!

Hopefully some of you caught our big VH1 debut last Friday night. Thanks for all of your help and well wishes! A number of you have mentioned that you voted (which is great) and a number need some more info.

Time is quickly running out to vote for our show “L33t Haxxors Episode 2” on the Acceptable.TV website. (if you missed episode 1, click here)

We’d like to be the first user-submitted show in the history of AcceptableTV to return for a second episode. You can help us conquer Hollywood with a simple click of your mouse. There are 7 easy steps to helping us do this:

Step 1. Log on to the Acceptable.TV site. We’ve made it easy for you. Just click on the link here

Step 1

Step 2. Click on “register” at the top right of the page to sign up for an account. (You will not receive any sort of spam or unwanted e-mail as a result of signing up.)

Step 2

Step 3. Fill out the fields with your information with a vaild e-mail address so that you’ll receive your registration confirmation.

Step 3

Step 4. Make sure that you have checked the box signifying that you accept the user-agreement and the box verifying that you are over the age of 18. Then click “submit my info”.

Step 4

Step 5. Go to your e-mail account, where you should find an e-mail that looks like the following. Click on the link to confirm your account.

Step 5

Step 6. Once you are brought back to the AcceptableTV page by the link, make sure that you are logged in. From AcceptableTV’s home page, scroll down to the user submitted show section in red. Find our show on the list, and click on it.

Step 6

Step 7. At the top of our video’s page, you will see a list of eligible videos to choose from. Click on the heart with “vote for this video” next to it.

Step 7

The heart should change into text that says “You Voted For This Video.”

Step 8

That’s it!

We appreciate the support and, hopefully, you’ll see us on your picture boxes this Friday night!

– Jason