Character #4 (Voting Period)

Now starts the Voting Period for Character #4!  The Judges discussed the pros and cons of each name and then voted on them. Names were chosen by majority rule, which meant that a minimum of three votes were needed to move the names to the Voting Round.  In this round one name received four votes and the other two names received three votes.  Two of the names were submitted by the same finalist.  One of the names was submitted twice by two different people, but the rules say that the first person to submit a name gets the credit.  Congratulations to the two finalists who made it to this round!

Now the naming of this character rests with all of you. It’s out of the Judges’ hands. It’s your decision.  Please take a minute to vote and show your support.

Some reminders:

  • Be sure you are logged on to this Blog.
  • Each person gets only one vote, including the contestants who entered the contest and the finalists.
  • Enter your vote in the comments section (below) of this Blog post.
  • You have one week to enter your vote. The comments will be closed Monday, January 3, 2011, at 6:00 p.m. PT.
  • This is a popularity contest. The most popular name wins! So finalists are free to campaign if they wish.

Here are the finalists’ character names.  Please vote for one of them!


Character #4 (Judging Period)

The Submission Period for Character #4 has now come to a close.  I’ve closed the comments on the thread so no further names will be accepted.  We again beat the number of submissions we had for our previous character with a whopping 119 submissions for this round! I am blown away!

For the next week the judges will deliberate and choose our favorites.  The finalists will be notified by email that one or more of their entries made it into the final round.  If you don’t receive an email from me, your entry was not chosen.  But there is one more character to be named, so please keep trying!  I will post the names on the Blog next Monday where everyone will get a chance to vote for their favorite!

Character #4 (Submission Period)

The NAME THE MOVIE CHARACTERS CONTEST continues!  This post starts the Fourth Round, which is where you get to submit names for the next character in the movie.

A few reminders:

  • Be sure you are logged on to this Blog.
  • You will enter your submissions for this character only in the comments section of this Blog post below.
  • Remember, only one name per comment. But you can submit as many names as you wish.
  • Don’t forget to fill out the Entry Form if you haven’t already done so.
  • You will have one week to enter your submissions. The comments will be closed Monday, December 20, 2010, at 6:00 p.m. PT.
  • Please keep in mind that you need to follow all the rules to avoid the risk of being disqualified, so be sure you read and understand the Rules and the Terms & Conditions before entering this contest.

Character #4

The next name we need is for a character anticipated to be played by the wonderful Mike McCafferty.  For this character we are looking for only a first name.  Here’s a short character description:

He works for a toy company as an accountant.  Nerdy, nervous and timid, he has a lot more going for him than most people give him credit for.  He also loves to play video games.

Goodbye to Madeline Fawkes

Gloria Stuart passed away on September 26 at the age of 100.  She’s probably best known for her role in TitanicHowever, I-Man fans will always remember her for her role as Madeline Fawkes, Darien Fawkes’ grandmother, in The Invisible Man

“Titanic’ Actress Gloria Stuart Dies at 100



Mike McCafferty gives us a bit of insider insight into what it was like to work with Gloria on his blog Acting Guy Talking About Acting.

My Dinner With Rose

And, last but not least, you can watch the I-Man episode that Gloria appeared in entitled “Father Figure” below. 

A.Y.U. Quartet Releases New Single

Mike McCafferty’s group, The A.Y.U. Quartet, has recently released its new single entitled “Bald Man Blues.”  I recently purchased and downloaded a copy for myself and I have to say it’s quite clever and funny.  The group sounds as good as ever.

Visit one of the sites below to preview and purchase a copy of this song for yourself for only 99 cents!

CD Baby




Mike McCafferty in “The Sarah Silverman Program”

A quick note before I call it a night to let you know that Mike McCafferty will be appearing on The Sarah Silverman Program tomorrow, Thursday, February 11, 2010, at 10:30 p.m. (ET/PT) on Comedy Central. 

While you’re waiting you might take a trip down memory lane and check out Episode 5 of Channel 101: The Musical.  Sarah Silverman has a cameo in it.  (Warning:  Contains some foul language.)