Vincent Ventresca in “CSI:NY”!

Warm up your DVRs.  Pop some popcorn.  Get cozy in your flannel jammies and bunny slippers.  Why?  Because Vincent will be guest starring tomorrow night (Friday, January 13) in CSI:NY!

Vince plays the role of Ron Ferguson.  And as you can see from the following picture, his character doesn’t fare too well…big understatement, eh?

Vince with Special Effects Makeup Artist

The episode is entitled “Who’s There.”  Here’s a description of the episode from the official CSI:NY website:

A home invasion investigation becomes more complicated when the victim’s family turns out to be less perfect than they originally seem.

So tune in tomorrow at 9/8 central on CBS and find out who could have possibly done this to poor Vince…um, I mean Ron.